Cardano VS Waifu Token

Cardano logo

The cardano blockchain is a cryptocurrency that was designed to make transactions, and the technology behind it, more efficient. Cardano is one of the first cryptocurrencies that uses Haskell (a programming language) for smart contracts. The cardano team also plans to solve many common problems with other cryptos like scalability and interoperability issues.

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Waifu Token

What is waifu token crypto? Waifu Token is a cryptocurrency focused on waifus, which are anime or manga characters. The founders of the project have made it clear that they want to create a digital currency for waifu enthusiasts in order to enable them to buy waifus from their favorite artists without having to worry about fraud and scams. Waifu Token has been one of the most popular cryptocurrencies this year. It was released back in January 2018 and had an ICO (initial coin offering) event that attracted many investors who wanted to get involved with such an interesting concept and project. The company behind Waifu Token now has over 400 thousand followers on Twitter, more than 100 thousand subscribers on YouTube


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