Cardano VS Sapien

Cardano logo

The cardano blockchain is a cryptocurrency that was designed to make transactions, and the technology behind it, more efficient. Cardano is one of the first cryptocurrencies that uses Haskell (a programming language) for smart contracts. The cardano team also plans to solve many common problems with other cryptos like scalability and interoperability issues.

Sapien logo

What is sapien crypto? Sapien is a new social platform that combines the best aspects of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. The sapien token (SPN) can be used to purchase goods and services from within the sapien marketplace. It also has its own search engine built in along with many other features that you will find useful. The sapien blockchain incorporates two innovations: Proof-of-Value protocol for content rewards, and proof-of-time protocol for consensus voting which helps combat spam bots, vote rigging, and fake accounts. This means your posts are rewarded based on their quality rather than how many likes or shares they receive!


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