Cardano VS Nexty

Cardano logo

The cardano blockchain is a cryptocurrency that was designed to make transactions, and the technology behind it, more efficient. Cardano is one of the first cryptocurrencies that uses Haskell (a programming language) for smart contracts. The cardano team also plans to solve many common problems with other cryptos like scalability and interoperability issues.

Nexty logo

Nexty is a next-generation blockchain that leverages the latest in sharding and smart contracts. The goal of nexty is to be able to provide instant transactions, with low fees, for everyday use. Think about nexty as your day-to-day cryptocurrency: it’s designed for quick, easy payments around the world without having to worry about volatile currency rates or exchange rates. Nexty utilizes an off chain protocol called Proof of Stake (PoS) that provides 100% secure transactions without any mining required!


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