Cardano VS ECOMI

Cardano logo

The cardano blockchain is a cryptocurrency that was designed to make transactions, and the technology behind it, more efficient. Cardano is one of the first cryptocurrencies that uses Haskell (a programming language) for smart contracts. The cardano team also plans to solve many common problems with other cryptos like scalability and interoperability issues.

ECOMI logo

What is ecomi crypto? ecomi crypto is a digital token that allows for the exchange of goods and services. ecomi can be used to purchase products at, or traded on exchanges like Bittrex or Poloniex. ecomicoin tokens are created through mining, which means they are scarce and valuable unlike many other cryptocurrencies that are being generated through ICOs these days. This blog post will explore what eCOMI is, how it works, who's behind it all, and why you should get involved today!


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